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Free Enterprise 2

In this sequel to the hilarious, award winning cult classic Free Enterprise, William Shatner again stars as himself. In true “Shatner fashion”, Bill has taken his new calling as a Rabbi one step too far and suddenly disappears before marrying sci-fi Star Trek geeks Rob and Claire.

With the wedding date quickly approaching, the couple must find Shatner, save him from himself, and get him back to Las Vegas in time to officiate the ceremony.


Status: Pre-Production




DeepInTheForest_Thumbnail2Deep In The Forest

After years of hunting Bigfoot to avenge the death of his son, Jonah has given up and settled into a humble existence as a fry cook.

When visited by young Elizabeth, bent on exacting retribution for the death of her boyfriend in a similar attack, she and Jonah team up and uncover a sinister plot that ends in a desperate struggle for survival.


Status: Pre-Production